Getting started mining Fonero

Getting Started with Fonero
There are plenty of guides to help you get started mining Fonero available on the web, so you can refer to those for plenty of detail on the topic.

But as an overview, you will need a couple things to begin.

  1. A wallet/address to receive all of your mining efforts
  2. A mining-pool to use
  3. Exchanging your Fonero

Step 1. Get a wallet
Before you can start mining, you will need a wallet. A wallet is where you will "store" all of the coins that you earn/mine. There are a few options when choosing your wallet, but to be safe, you are best off downloading an official wallet for your operating system. There are some online wallets, which may be convenient, leave you without direct control over your hard earned coins.

In some mining pools, you also have the option to mine directly to an "exchange wallet", which may be convenient, often comes at a much higher withdrawl minimum, and sometimes incur additional fees.
Once you have a wallet setup, you will get an wallet address. You can then use this address as the destination for all you mining efforts.

Step 2. Select a mining pool
There are many mining pools out there to choose from. All pools perform the same basic funtion: people combine their collective mining power and split the rewards according to effort. In general, you want to look for a few things when selecting a mining pool.
  • Pool hashrate. This determines how often blocks are found.
  • Pool fees. Nearly all pools take a small fee, which ranges from 0.4% - 4%
  • Payout threshold. This determines the minimum amount you need to earn before you can withdraw your XMR
  • Pool Difficulty This can be extremely important for web mining performance. High difficuly pools should be avoided.
Fonero Mining Pools
Pool Name
Minimum Payout
Port Difficulty
Approx. Hashrate
1000 diff
16 KH/s
10000 diff
18 KH/s
3000 diff
64 KH/s
.1 FNO
1000 diff
256 KH/s
10 FNO
10000 diff
192 KH/s

The pool's difficulty can GREATLY effect web mining performance. Please consider this when selecting your pool. The lower the difficulty the better, for web miners.
Please Note: This is just the list of currently supported pools. If you'd like your pool added, please email me and I'll be glad to add it.

Step 3. Exchanges
An exchange is where you can buy or sell your coins. So, unless you are planning to hold (HODL) your Fonero, you will need to eventually tranfer your coins to an exchange, in order to sell them.

Some common/popular exchanges for Fonero are: